Can one unnecessarily feel guilty?

2021-09-01 03:03:01 FELIPE

Or finds your guilt are always justified?

There are also unnecessary guilt choose 86%

There is always a reason choose 7%

other opinion (commis): D choose 7%


There is no fault.


  • people make mistakes.
  • Errors are there to learn from it.
  • Learned, then the bottom line, tick off, throw away = let go.
  • And again with feeling, thinking, talking, acting, but mindful, attentive in now
  • instead of pondering last.
  • Broweling brings afraid, makes sick, but nourishes psychotherapists.
  • Even now, now boldly tackle, learn, joy and healthy.


I think if I developed someone to a sense of guilt I've built something. For example. When bullying or made or ignored a help. Anyway, I would have been differentBehavior might and that leads to guilt! Or is a guilty conscience. But not without reason !!


Unfortunately, a type of too much on one's own cap does not take others not to disappoint. To give oneself the blame is the easier and faster way. But mostly not right.


Unfortunately, some people lead to scapegoat - for just everything that happens to them and others ...

There is a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence - that's a pity !


There are people who manipulate others, so they develop guilty feelings that are not really "necessary".

Can one unnecessarily feel guilty?