Reward for vaccination Covid 19?

2021-09-01 03:03:39 DARREN

Are you that you get 100 € when you can vaccinate

No Choose 84%

Yes Choose 16%

Other choose 0%


for a vaccine still to get money on top of that, I find completely wrong. If I donated blood at the DRK, I found the canted roll, the prince role and sometimes a Pikkolo champagne quite nice, because I have given something from my "life juice"; But here I get already given the vaccine.


I'm not! It should be decided out of free pieces to vaccinate!

Maybe someone can be vaccinated from cash shortage, which knows that he should not vaccinate better for health reasons!


I'm already vaccinated and find it unfair if the hesians are now rewarded. Where are we going there. LEDoes the vaccine be vaccinated, then gets a million for it or how, so that he can convince himself? That's a form of bribery, maybe not legally, but it feels like that.


That would be a blow in the face of the people who have already vaccinated.

A busy bun or a coupon for an ice waffle I'll let me go.


Nothing about the IMPF appointment is already planned

Reward for vaccination Covid 19?