How do you find the new "destruction" video from Rezo?

2021-09-01 04:00:54 JESSE

In May 2019, Rezo has uploaded "the destruction of the CDU" on YouTube and thus quite a bit filled in politics. Now he has published another "destruction" video this month (August 2021). Some call this video also "The Destruction of the CDU 2.0".

What do you think about this video? What is your opinion?

Here is a link to the video:

Good choose 66%

Bad Choose 23%

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Well a part of the video is certainly "fluff". That he now poses on lashing because he was a little too happy in the background during this tide, is quite unnecessary and certainly no legitimate content criticism.

Generally, Rezo should also be more likely that he is obvious political hit page has.

otherwise very good video in order to bring the misconduct of the Union closer to the youthful viewer.


I think it's fine. He wants to adhere to the youth to take a new way and he wants to encourage interest in youth, which is why he speaks and so presented. Sure that it does not like older ones but for teens is something very good.


Its destruction are legendary and its current destructive video convinces as well as its predecessor by handproof facts.

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PS.: In the case of Rezo, the source information is always worthwhile, the He linked in his info box, tackling:



I find it strong that he does that.

LG ☘


What is missing is objectivity and balance.

Basically, Rezo works relish to the CDU as he does the things who were done well and the things that went wrong with other parties, Kcompletely outside.

This may be nice to look at it, however, from its information content, completely for the ton.

How do you find the new