Tail size?

2021-09-01 08:01:18 EARNEST

Only answer if you want! Nobody should feel obliged!

To the guys: What size does your pen * s? Please supplement age and be honest especially

To the Girls: Tell your experiences with sex with tail sizes? How important is the size really? Maybe also tell a story!?

Thank you in advance for the answers

PS: only answers if you want: -)

13 - 14 cm Choose 26%

15 - 16 cm CHOOSE 26%

17+ cm CHOOSE 26%

A girl Choose 22%

9 - 10 cm Choose 0%

10 - 12 cm Choose0%

under 8cm Choose 0%


I do not know how long he would say over 15 under 20 cm
It was definitely suitable for the fun