Has anyone have good reasons not to vaccinate against Corona?

2021-09-01 14:03:36 EMMA

I do not believe there is no good reason to vaccinate

So with this question I mean whether it is not for healthy normal people's good reason not to vaccinate and no children or people who need to take many medications or are allergic thereto or are pregnant

There is no hahah choose 54%

Yes and Choose 46%


There are people who react allergic to vaccines or their carriers. This can lead to anaphylactic shock. Also, for certain diseases and especially in immune diseases, caution is attached here.

I would not vaccinate a human being, which is currently making a chemotherapy or receiving just immunosuppressants after organ transplantation.

under halfway healthy However, there are hardly a reasonable reason. I agree with you.


For people without great risk for a heavy corona, they just do not bring great advantage. Since here a heavy course is about exactly as rare, like a vaccination.


There are people who need to take many medications, where is not quite clear whether there can be (dangerous) interactions - these people have quite an argument to at least not vaccinate.


Allergy against ingredients of vaccination or pre-existing diseases which do not allow it. Otherwise none


all those who call those who call science

Only for a few people, it is dangerous maybe 0.00001% of Germans

Has anyone have good reasons not to vaccinate against Corona?