No force for school?

2021-09-01 18:01:29 NAOMI

It's just school for 3 weeks, but since the beginning of the school after the holidays, I am so exhausted every day. I sit at night at any tasks because I can not concentrate and do not get enough sleep. When I opened out and spent half of the day at school, I do not even have energy anymore.

A weekend brings me nothing, because I only think about the next days at school anyway and do tasks.

I listen to how this typical teenager does not want to go to school, but since the school started, mentally is getting worse.

I feel hard to report me because, before I'm taking my hand and took my hand, start to shake strong and hArraday. Because I do not want to disappoint my parents even more, I pull it through and I'm always worse. Social situations are so exhausting to see hundreds of people daily to report me, friends who only want to talk and give me no peace, everything overwhelmed me so much.

Would someone have an idea that I could improve the situation?


Hey. Maybe find a psychologist or something you can talk to. Will be to use for your later transition (if you want to go the way). Besides, it is a reason to go there without the parents need to know something of the other reason. :)


Take time for you after school. Treat yourself some fresh air, exercise and food. After that, 1 - 2 hours without a smartphone and distraction work on your school items. After this time, you first take a break.

No force for school?