Is this mosque dangerous?

2021-09-01 20:04:16 RICARDO

With me nearby there is an Azerbaijanish-Shiite mosque. The come from Iran. They belong to the Azerbaijanian minority in Iran. They have contacts with the Iranian Mullah regime and Hezbollah. When the US killed an Iranian general in Iraq at the beginning of 2020, there was a funeral in this mosque. Is this mosque dangerous?


Assuming that you live in Germany and the mosque was probably brought in accordance with the German state of the art as well as applicable standards and sets, it is likely to assume any significant risk from the building itself.


No, she is not. If it were you, then it would be forbidden or would be monitored by the constitutional protection.


For contacts for Hezbollah and the Mulla regime, I consider this mosque neutral, but for too political. And thus dangerous.


Near this thing I would not want to live.

Is this mosque dangerous?