Manual or automatic?

2021-09-01 21:02:51 SALVATORE

VW creates the manual circuit, which does not matter so well with many car riders.

What is yours if you have the free choice between automatic and manual circuit?

And please also vote only persons who actually own the driver's license.

Hand circulation, because ... Choose 38%

Automatic, because .... Choose 31%

Other opinion: Choose 19%

Does I do not care, Because .... Choose 13%


Really reading would be more meaningful in your place, as this only affects the models Tiguan and Passat. So remain up, Polo, Taigo, T-Cross, Golf, T-Roc, Touran, Arteon, Sharan, Touareg and the commercial vehicles delivered with manual.


Hello 650ml

I've already driven ZTW with automatic cars.

have privately for years only more automatic cars.

Especially in the city area or with stop and go traffic, it is much more relaxed because the constant coupling and switching is omitted.

DSG transmissions also have no higher consumption over manual transmission

Greeting Hobbytfz


Automatic transmissions are subject to expensive maintenance intervals and theEngine needs a liter with automatic transmissions more on a hundred kilometers.

Although it is always claimed that would not be with new cars but the experience shows something else.


Because it is more pleasant to have its vehicle fully under its control. In addition, I do not like the partially jerky driving behavior at automatic, eg. in the engine brake or in some vehicles also in the acceleration.

Who switches right drives much more pleasant. Besides, it is not so hard to use a pedal more than automatic :)


When I made the driver's license, I would like to drive automatic. Initially, it was difficult for me to concentrate on the car, the traffic and the extra shiftTrier. Especially since I was always uncertain when exactly I have to switch in which gear. For every shift, I had to look and then did the steering wheel. I just would like to have been able to focus on the traffic.

Today I like to drive switch. I enjoy it, besides, I have something to do and do not sit "just" just like that. Except in city traffic or in the traffic jam, I sometimes wish me an automatic car. In situations where I drive 10-20 khm, I feel it exhausting to constantly switch from the first to the second gear and back.

Manual or automatic?