Why do many suddenly choose the SPD?

2021-09-01 21:03:55 SEAN

In the end, in my view, it makes no sense, as the SPD is currently responsible for the misery in the country, as they are in the Groko. Would be interesting to hear your opinions. Gladly also from SPD voters.


On the one hand, most people recognize that a "further so" leads into the catastrophe. That's exactly what you have to expect with the CDU and Lashet. Therefore, the CDU crashes.

Although the left and the Greens want to tackle the most important issues, but many are fearing that they are too radical, to reality free, too economically and to praise. Baerbock is also completely inexperienced with the government.

The SPD is exactly in between. Many promise from a red-green coalition that Scholz as Chancellor will ensure that the problems work on the problems, but in a manner that is realistic and the exaggerations of green and left dampen.


WEIl is currently for many, including me, the only eligible party.

She has a good program that is focused on people and not the companies. It has the most appropriate chancellor candidate. And then the survey values ​​for me are only logical.


If you look at the three candidates, whether you have the format for the role, so fall for me Laschet and Baerbock.

Söder and Daheck occur much more safer.

Whether the interest in the SPD ruled solely by the occurrence of Olaf Scholz, one would have to question. It may also lie on a rejection of the CDU and Green.


I assume that many people from principle do not choose the left, AFD not, FDP not good in DERoubles occurs and CDU and the Greens and the Greens from the point of view of many people neither good election programs have good candidates. There is the only alternative for many people SPD.


The SPD was always suppressed by the CDU. If the SPD is just the big party that has that say, that looks very different. We owe a lot to the SPD, you choose!

Why do many suddenly choose the SPD?