Which vaccine did you get vaccinated?

2021-09-01 22:02:05 ROBERT

I greet,

a bigger topic:

Who has already been vaccinated and with which vaccine (Astra, Biontec, J & J etc ....).

And how was the course? Were it normally after the vaccine or there were impact stops / side effects?

I am already vaccinated! Choose 78%

I will / let me vaccinate. Choose 11%

I will not vaccinate! Choose 7%

I'm not vaccinated yet. Choose 4%


Do you imagine? Are you already vaccinated? Which vaccine?


Moderna. Had pain in the arm and could not raise him neat for two days, was a bit tired than usual. On the third day everything was normal again.


2x Biontech, after both vaccinations about 2 days pain in Arm, after the 2nd vaccine additionally still sloping.

In my environment, the reactions after the second vaccination in most cases were more violent than the first.


BIONTECH, the first time 24 hours of light pain in the arm, the second time nothing, but not really nothing. Had luck .....


2 times biontech. The first time strongerE but revealable pain on the arm for about 3 days. The second lighter armache than the first, after 2 days away. Not more.


2x Moderna.

Injection reactions (pain in the arm, light fever) in the first 24 hours after vaccination, then top fit again.

Which vaccine did you get vaccinated?