What if it was not ...?

2021-09-01 22:04:42 KERRY

What if there is no money in the world, but there is enough to eat and drink, people share the food and drink without paying? Personally, I find if you do not have to pay anything and still has everything, then that's good. You have a house or apartment and does not have to pay rent. You can get something to eat and drink without paying and it is sufficiently available. You can get everything without paying. You do not have to pay taxes, you do not have to pay electricity, you do not have to pay anything anymore.


There are always things that are scarce and around which people will compete. As soon as the basic needs are covered, people will desire other things. Whether it's a larger house, an apartment in a better location, a rare pet, jewelry, a faster car ...


You would be wondering how hard it falls in peace too Life.
Look at our country. We have peace and a few years and we are fine. And yet there are people who want to have war, civil war and riot.

Simply see the statements of some characters from the last 5 years. Especially those who see themselves as "freedom fighters", or the eternal biancy "Merkel must get away SCHREIER ". From the complete right scene one hears that.

Living in peace can not everyone and agree with some difficult to find peace. They need the fight, wherever, without drama, war and Hetze is bad. I believe that we can not do it, because there are always some who are unable to suffer and others are suffering from it.


That is Utopian.

It would work, but the transition does not.


Who makes clothes, houses, etc? Everything is free?

What if it was not ...?