How can I (Incel) best conclude with my girlfriend?

2021-09-01 22:05:40 WESLEY

Hello everybody,

I'm 23, was an Incel for years, because I could never find a friend, though that was my all the biggest wish. It was until recently a total exercise in women. Work on me now and develop myself in a positive and hopeful direction.

I met a woman over the Internet a few months ago. She is 19 and unfortunately does not look pretty. We have chatted a lot with each other and found that we are randomly not far from each other (about 40 minutes drive). I found her even ugly than on her pictures but we still had a lot of fun and I was allowed to feel in a life for the first time, as it is desirable and revered by a woman. I have this feelingso very enjoyed and cooked her too, so that I finally got my first kiss behind me before I'm still older than I'm already there anyway.

We have talked extremely much together and I also have a lot talking to each other told about my values ​​and she is just as I am anti-feminist and also finds that a man who is good to his wife may have as much sex as he wants and divides all my opinions.

She has The best character I can only wish and I know it is very difficult today to find women as you can find.


Unfortunately I can not imagine a future with her because Unfortunately, I have no sexual attraction to her. Unfortunately, I can not be pretty at all, even if your CharaKter is pretty and unfortunately she fell very much in love with me. It makes great hopes with me.

She wants me to answer her at any time on WhatsApp and can never wait until I have time for her again.

Unfortunately I do not know how I know You can do it without hurting them.

Do you have a good tip for me? (Without insults)

Do you might also have a few good excuses or anything else that I can do with her without breaking them?

Thank you


Please only serious answers


No chance. It will definitely be injured because you've behaved very selfish in this situation.

You should not delay it. The longer you make your hopes, the more it is later injured later. Just tell her what's.


Incel are by definition single?

Unfortunately I do not know how I can do with her without hurting it.

does not work. You played with your feelings, your false hopes made for your personal advantage. And that ends with that you hurt the other person very much. You have to break the heart now. And that works only with pain.


(Edit: end a relationship without which at least one of them feels injured or mourns at least one of them then do not, that does not work. That's not possible. But you can show how mature / grown man can behave by behaving "How do I go to" estimates, seriously and honest, no lies told)

You are an adult, no stupid ignorant Pubereier. So you will have to renounce "excuses" (in other words lies).

Does this woman whose character you estimate .... who spent your time with you ... at least a spark earned in your eyes? Then at least honestly her and opposite you.

Excuses are nonsense, so you want to make it easier to do it yourself and besides sElbst in front of which the other person is easier to fall.

Excuses are what cowards the fear that could be sour over.

You are admitted .... So talk to her. Leave an adult talk with her. Tell her as it is actually. That you are very grateful that you spend time with you and so ..... but that you are simply too premature and too superficially made this relationship. She has earned someone at her side which she loves her as a pacet of her heart. She has earned someone who does not want to move on after such a short time. But unfortunately, you can not be this someone.

No scolding tests!

No sliding tactics!

None "watching watching, maybe, soon, sometime, diE Time will show "Gems. Because that only leads to the hopes that it might sometime sometime of a day after some time rest and then to be something again. But that did not deserve it.


Well, it will be hurt her or something. Can only limit the damage. It's best to say that you have feelings for other women and the whole thing is so out of respect for you. She seems a smart woman Being, so it will understand that.

The dangerous would, however, if you become an Incel again, if you do not find a direct connection. That's why you find another one.


Unfortunately, I do not know how I can do with her without hurting it.

goesneither. The more clearly you are without being offensive or hurtful, the better.

How can I (Incel) best conclude with my girlfriend?