Why do girls see everything as well?

2021-09-02 00:05:49 JUDITH

Why do girls see every sentence as a way ??

Should girls on the street no longer respond anymore? But wait until one is addressed as a boy ??

or how does it work?


Women should not be appealed, which always emerges from a desperation, and that does not appeal, that would contradict the principle of abandonment. At least not binding-moderately, a woman who is honestly interesting to address is completely legitimate. However, it should be more likely to wait to send women to a stake indications.

Above all: Do you think, the woman does not know that ne mood is.

Implement you, you're a woman and you're talking to a guy, on the road, train etc. Do you think he's talking to you because he wants to know how you say? She knows that you do not want to know your name, you just say it because of your look. That women then react disgust is completely attached. Wait until WomenResponding to you, you only manage if you are dealing with attraction (only on American sites, pick-up is for freaks)


What did you say that?

Your di ... nger are big? That's sex. Harassment, yes.

$ or is it for you, if you address a girl and then you show / friendly neutral) Platonic interest?

You see with such a pedal statement you can not do anything, I suspect it to you. And obviously, if you give a BSP, what you do not do.

Better lamentation in the sacrificial role.


This is also in the adults so, compliments are misinterpreted than fashion ... that is the modern times


Yes, you should only appeal to it on the street if you want something.

No woman wants to be completely arbitrarily crimped.


It does not matter how to call it.

When a boy says something to me annoys me, then annoy me.

And if not, then not.

Whether I'm calling it and he is not, is irrelevant.

Why do girls see everything as well?