Why is the gender suddenly such a big topic?

2021-09-02 03:02:07 GUSTAVO

Everywhere you hear and read something of genders. Radio, especially social media such as YouTube etc, posters .... really annoying and sounds crazy * C * E * dense

But why?

Has anyone felt marginalized or why suddenly all talk about it?


Some people seem to have no better to do ...

Proponents * inside the gender starch * inside, this teeth in the German language, would like to impress other people such a language use.

But I want to explicitly say that I have nothing against the gender in the form of cancellation ("love students and students") - completely on the contrary. Also neutral terms such as "clientele" I find in order.

Greeting, Earnest


With such unnecessary discussions Pseudo-Linke want to distract only from social degradation. That e.g. The "increase" of social assistance on 1 January of ridiculous 3 euros due to the high inflation is a clear loss for that, which is already the poorest anyway,

https://www.derwesten.de/politik/hartz-4-RoHung-regelatz-2022-grundsichtion-alg-2-arbeitslos-euro-arbeitsagentur-jobcenter-g-inflation ID233153225.html


Attention, subordination!

Because at least one must open the barrel every day. And in the rarest cases, someone seems to be one of those who demand it so "loudly"