Fear of school?

2021-09-02 03:02:39 ROSIE


I go back to school on Thursday and I'm scared because I have changed a lot and has always been bullied before and now I'm scared

What can I do about it

LG Mika


(my character and appearance have changed)



Proceed as well as to you.

If you think you're great, talking - talking, a upright posture, certain body language, generally a more self-confident occurrence - so you show the other that you will not get to you, usually then will Draw from you.

Sowas needs time, but is probably, or evil the only and recommended way to lead a nice life in the future. Self-esteem & have a healthy self-esteem is all - so as soon as you have enough force, start what to change. Imagine this challenge and go thursday in the SChill, I'm sure it's just half as bad as you color it.

Do not let yourself be discouraged, good luck!


to give you a self-confidence. I did that when I changed school, and it worked very well.

In the end, everyone wants to be better than he was yesterday, only confuse that most of them be better than others. You still do it, and you can be proud of that. So you prefer other badly to get better yourself. You have changed into the positive, and that's good :)


Will a new beginning and certainly better than you think, not only you have changed over your vacation :)


become more confident.

WEIf you're going to go to school, of course, you'll quickly find out as a bullying target.

Your parents should talk to the teachers when they are bullied.


I'm damned ugly and still I will not bobide: D

Just look for the right people, then you're interested in the stupid comments that you will not get from time to time.

And to be honest, the people give away the stupid comments anyway somehow weird :)

Fear of school?