Would you recommend sex from 14?

2021-09-02 03:06:04 PATRICIA

I mean, of course, only with pill or condom, ie protected . Unprotected is not exactly healthy with 14 logically and I do not believe nobody want to be pregnant at 14.


If it is okay for both persons, it feels good for both persons and both persons are in the same age, then does not speak about it.

"Recommend" I find a little strange in this context. Nobody should recommend sex; Only because thereby achieving certain health benefits, sex is no need and especially if you are still so young is really only recommended if you are safe in his sexual orientation, is mentally ripe enough and feel comfortable at any time.



recommend? Just as I would recommend a healthy diet and at least one annual dentist visit?

Nope. One has no advantage, on the one urgently not renounced

Sex with 14 is not much different than with 16, 18, or 40, with the small difference that maybe one's too immature to formulate what you want and what not. In any case, you do not miss anything exactly if you have not already with 14 sex, but only later.

But if you want it and everything is clear with the partner, there is nothing, which speaks against it.


Not in your age. If it is the first time for your girlfriend, I almost claim that you lack the empathy that it will be a nice experience for you.


from "Recommend" You do not speak in this context. Of course it is completely ok, if both partFeel ready for it and prevails mutual consent.



If you feel good, nobody is forced. You can talk about it openly and also talked about compensation. Then everything is clear

Would you recommend sex from 14?