Best friend has replaced me?

2021-09-02 04:02:22 DEXTER

Hey .. you already see what it's about.

She has replaced me and posts all the time with another. When asked when she had time she said she did not know it. Since then, 4 days have passed.

She posts in her story constantly pictures and videos of themselves and their new girlfriend.

And the worst is that she calls her new girlfriend like her named.

I do not have any friends ...

How should I behave now?

I am very sad about it ...


What you are learning now: On our way of life there are a lot of people who accompany us a piece of the way. Some stay longer, others only very short. She has now passed from you because you develop into other directions. Only acceptance helps. You can get to know new people. Then you get new friends.


It is always difficult to accept that one has lost the attention and attention of a familiar and perhaps loved one. Nevertheless, your signs are not considered absolutely for this event.

It may be that your girlfriend first is so impressed by her new acquaintance that she "lets left". But it does not have to be like thatthat that is final. Maybe you should have some patience. It can certainly be that your first enthusiasm for the new girlfriend turns very quickly in disillusionment and then you would like to recall the familiar relationship with you and then want to revive it.

If you are now leaving big disappointment And bitterness to send out your messages that the relationship is finally destroying, that would be unfortunate.

Balance sheet: First of all, show and wait. Do not send any mails, but just wait if you may report again in a few days. Your dirt is extremely understandable, but you can win mental stability for yourself if you have your negative feelings a little inKeep bridle and remove them in principle still openly.


I can understand if you are your only one but she has trots the right to other friends You do not have the right to her To prohibit


Name ex-girlfriend ... because she has degraded itself.

Urbrigen will them replace this girlfriend sometime, just like you.


Your friend did not deserve you definitely deserves something better I have had to go through too!

Best friend has replaced me?