Which Android tablet for the school?

2021-09-02 05:01:56 JEFFERY

Which Android tablet do you think you are best for the school? It should be fast enough with this nothing charges or starts to jerk. In addition, it should also be possible Netflix or YouTube liquid and to look in Full HD. Also should have LTE


Since the question came already, my budget is 300 euros max.


Budget is unlimited because you do not exist? Then I just throw the Samsung Tab S7 + LTE in the room

otherwise, cheaper: the TAB S6 Lite LTE


So I would get an iPad ...

Could it compare with a Tab 7, and even my buddy with Tab 7 meant the iPad feels high quality ...

But if it must be Android ... I would tap 7. The latest from Samsung stop


Why not an iPad? The cheapest costs just as much as a very good Android tablet and is at least as well.

I do not miss my iPad. Since then I do not use the Android anymore.

Which Android tablet for the school?