After death comes what?

2021-09-02 05:03:52 KAYLA

Hello people,

Is there anything after death?

Please yes!


Yes, there is something else, ... Choose 61%

No it is probably nothing more. Choose 39%


I do not believe in a rebirth in the sense of reincarnation. I do not believe that after death in another body has a different life on earth (eg as an animal or in another family). But I believe in the resurrection. I am a Christian, I believe in an eternal life after death. I believe in a reunion in the sky.

If you want to know a lot, which convinces me that there is God and an eternal life after death, then you can e.g. Questions or go to my profile.


It goes seamlessly, maybe in this time or in another. You will find yourself in another body and tell you a story about your past, which is similar to those you are in thisEmpire to tell. Time is illusion.


We go back where we came from: God!

We are created to recognize God, to love him and once forever with him To live - and all the others who want it.

Every single one - even you - is loved and wanted by eternity. This is the uniqueness and uniqueness of every human being. Everyone has a place and a program that can not replace any other. And all we do, looks over in eternity, so it does not matter how we live.

Jesus Christ has become a human love and gone through suffering and death to show us the way to the sky and to seek and rescue what was lost. He is the good shepherd whoThe lost sheep followed and she returns to the loving father in heaven.

Yes, if you want, you will see the glory of the children of God after death and be happy to be happy with your loved ones forever.


May I have something to you to say.

Think of yourself something that you like to experience after death or what's coming there. Whether you come in Valhalla or become newborn, which you will see all your families again.

That gives you security and do not worry. So you can also live with security and luck your life better


No Nothing, you will not be born on Earth as a new person, would be physically too impossible because then would have been physically impossible because then theEarth much more inhabitants! And rumish as a lighting, I prefer to be completely dead!

After death comes what?