Does it exist on earth?

2021-09-02 10:00:57 ERICK

Yes Choose 74%

No Choose 26%


I am a column. If you say that there is a sense in nature, you can think you can think. That's a mene penny. On the other hand, the evolution does not allow anyone else, constantly types are adjusted to survive better and more. In Africa, people have dark skin so they are better protected from the sun, etc. Unnecessary body parts that you do not need are form back.


In any case, the meaning of the meaning Define for us. In this case the nature laws.

If you take it exactly, meaning is only a word that describes a state that we have given a meaning. Therefore, sense does not exist or only in our cosmos / perceptions.


My heart and belly say yes.

OFF Matrix quote Trinity :

The answer is somewhere out there Neo. She's looking for you and you will find you if you want it.

Quote Antoine de Saint-Exupéry:

But what gives sense to life, gives sense to death. It is easy to die when it is in the order of things.


Yes ... definitely nonsense. Otherwise, life is meaningless, the death inevitable and even the universe is at some point, in eschatological times owl and empty. There is no longer a light, no stars, nothing. The universe will be dark forever.

Everything for what people fought for or what they loved or createdHave been a long time.


I think it depends on which dimension you look at it.

I look at my life from my mother's eyes, then of course it has sense.

Do I look at the existence of my family from the perspective of all humanity, so this makes sense if you have the Company does something good.

Do I consider the existence of humanity from the point of view of the planner, this makes sense if it does good to the planet good or at least holds its ecosystem in balance.

Do I consider the Existence of our planet from the point of view of the universe - now, the whole thing is already here for the end of it. Because as far as I know, we do not use the universe.

It's all a question of ZOOmFactor.

Does it exist on earth?