Which of these shoes do not you like?

2021-09-02 10:03:10 DARRELL

Birkenstock shoes Choose 42%

Badatifts Choose 25%

Sandals Choose 17%

Flip Flops Choose 8%

Espandrilles Choose 8%

Clogs Choose 0%

Other answer Please call CHOOSE 0%


In my opinion, the ugliest shoes are that there are

(if you can talk about shoes at all). Only with a pretty girlie look - in absolute exceptional cases - reasonably "okay".

Alternatively, the absolutely corrosive - are also called adilettes.

I would never carry these things. Clogs and Birkenstock I also find very unsightly - and uncomfortable


Birkenstocks have a very uncomfortable footbed for me, so I do not like them.



As a child, I was always forced to wear sandals :-). There are always any curm smelt in it. Then it rubs how crazy. Socks do not bring a long distancer. But on the contrary. The slides front out. Ne terrible.


I do not like Flip Flops.


Espandrillas are on a woman of sexkiller for me. Either fucked shoes or goes barefoot!

Which of these shoes do not you like?