Which Covid-19 vaccination variant is / was important to you?

2021-09-02 12:01:03 BOBBIE

Twice inoculated choose 54%

First of all, choose is 17%

Let me vacate choose 15%

Booster vaccine Choose 6%

The whole thing is on the biscuit choose 6%

once vaccinated choose 2%

Cross vaccinated choose 0%


Only so I have the best possible vaccination protection (with the exception of the disposable dose of Jannsen)

the chance to risk a serious course is therefore sinking to a minimum


We were already very early in Israel, and with delta, the protection is relatively fast - and with us the numbers have risen again. Therefore, the booster will be vaccinated for all from 12, which are at least 5 months after the 2nd vaccine - in our case the whole family except the small, which has no 5 months around.

And yes, we are the trial cannicles for you lol


The variant M protects against infections. Whether two, three or an annual vaccine is required, is mepretty strice.


And if there is an annual refresher, then I also take it with, would be like an annual flu thrust for me.



Quite simple.

I am neither vaccine, nor vaccine-forewater

I can not really hear the topic really no longer

Everyone should do what he keeps himself right and let others rest alone Slowly real

And something: my grandma is 85, not only vaccinated, is very much traveling with girlfriends and enjoys best health. She said she does not want to vaccinate in any circumstances

Which Covid-19 vaccination variant is / was important to you?