How do you think were advertised and vampire integrated into society?

2021-09-02 12:02:29 YVONNE

Suppose there were known forms of people, how do you think we would handle it? Would we lock them away? Would we kill her? Would we support you?


We would be ruled by a vampire elite. Immortality has its advantages:
Fortune can be accumulated unlimited, and power positions are literally cemented for eternity.

The vampires have less luck, and belong to any mighty circle, would probably be stigmatized and excluded -
What will bring them back to forced sites. Vampires must always drink blood, then the offers are missing or simply the means, they remain only predatory behavior.

Well and werewolves ... once a month of control loss, infectious rage ...
would probably be systematically hunted and locked away, at least heavily supervised and marginalized .. maybe even as a combat folder missbredCht.

Of course, the werewolves could also organize
But those maybe even paramilitary associations would be the vampire elite in turn a mandrel in the eye ...

Wait, is not the plot of underworld revolutions?


They would probably be treated as well as everything else is dangerous: First of all, a lot is discussed in politics. If they are regarded as animals or fully farmed people, they have rights or not, would it be discriminatory to look at them as inferior, etc. until then the first correct regulations come, either most people injured, transformed, dead or helped themselves and have helped themselves A peaceful coexistence would not be possible first. In the end there isThen special units in the military who should hunt and extinguish the vampires and werewolves. At least those who hurt people. But there are also rehabilitation measures: in vampires grinding the teeth, controlled living, food via order or voluntary blood donors ... XD. At werewolding the duty to come to full moon in an institution that is being prepared for this? Of course, the different characters must be marked and then it comes to natural exclusion at many .... you can continue to continue spinning XD is definitely interesting about it ^^


I believe if We would have such supernatural powers, we would transform that into something business as something like "The Boys". Maybe even there would beNo policemen more if they were so much. Or would you recruited in the Army. Could also use research in the case that they would be animals that have developed enough to be half human but still enough to be a person. We would feel we feel about it? Studies and research is made up to it is understandable why are you so and why you have the skills to stay healthy, maybe even if we were angry enough, we would take advantage of it to develop medicines against cancer and send them to the room like length Or if at all she can survive there. They would also get their own prison. The vampires would eat animal blood but there is also the evil and probably the PEtophils eating blood on female / human and children.

To answer all your questions I would say that we would do everything you mentioned.


Werewolves - That's simple. Lockdown at full moon.


What is made in the film wooden wedge in the heart.

How do you think were advertised and vampire integrated into society?