Did I behave properly?

2021-09-02 14:04:54 JEANNETTE

I m 14 broke your opinion.

I have a good friend (we have already known each other since elementary school) and meet and us more often. She wanted to stay with me (the last time she stayed with me is certainly already 2 years ago) that was not the problem for me. But that she actually has a friend and that she has told me that I should not tell him about it. (Her friend is very pretty through trained and generally very pretty) when she came to me, we first set ourselves on my bed and started talking to normal. After some time she started with me to cuddle, I was very unpleasant because I knew that she has a friend. Then I told her that she should leave that and the SIe has a friend. Then she said that that can not care what we do. Then I told her again that you should stop please because she has a friend. Then she shouted me that I can not care. Then I did not say anything anymore. When she realized that I understood it she hugged me properly. I was still very unpleasant but not because I have a fear of contact or so no because of her boyfriend. When we wanted to sleep in the evening I told her that we can not sleep in a bed in a bed because she has a friend now. She then said that she does not care and she wants to sleep with me in a bed as before. I knew that I do not have to discuss with her because it's EhhBeyond that would sleep with me in a bed. When we lay side by side, she cuddled to me what was still incredibly uncomfortable and I had a very bad conscience. She fell asleep very quickly but I faith I fell asleep after 2 hours. I woke up again sometime in the middle of the night and looked very crying next to me. I asked her what was going on. She did not want to answer me first and just said if I could not take her to arm. When I did that she told me that her friend bothered her sexual he has her e. In her panties or under the bra, though she said unambiguously that he should not do that. And that I'm on even Keishould tell someone. When she fell asleep from exhaustion in my arm, I thought I could help her. I did not fall asleep all night when she woke up in my arm in the morning I had thought up a plan as I wanted to show him that that was not possible. I then declared her the plan and she agreed. She wrote him a message about Whats App where in it was that she wanted to meet a remote lake tomorrow, but the only one was there I was!


Krasse Story. But I find you acted right


Respect for which everything is reading and arriving here.

Did I behave properly?