"Guys have to splash every day!" - How much understanding should you have as a g

2021-09-02 19:00:46 BRANDY


full understanding. After all, the predisposition and a consequence of evolution and the body demands the

It is even unhealthy, if you suppress it - and makes it dissatisfied

Moreover, there are also girls / women who have sex daily Want

Does not that fit that so it is the wrong partners and you have the wrong partner


"Guys must now Splash every day! "

That's not quite correct. Some people have a high sex shoot and need it several times a day, others have a weakly pronounced drift and only need it once a week or something. However, it is quite normal with teenagers to be completely normal 2 - 6x per day. With guys frequentr other than girls, but it does not automatically have any boy an active libido and girl.

How much understanding should you have as a girl for the shoot of the first solid friend?

Coming on how he lives up. Of course, you do not have to have sex with him every day or have it with other sex just because he is horny. But how many times he's a Runterholt goes you basically nothing and there you have no say. Whether he makes it once a month or 10x a day is absolutely not your thing.

However, if you are completely poled from the sexual drive, it just does not fit and will make you unhappy. From my experience. If he wants to push you to sex with the statement from above, then makeStop, because then he does not care what you want and that does not work in a relationship.


As much as you are pleasant. A relationship only works if the needs of both are sufficiently satisfied without having to overwhelm a from both.

The statement that boys would have to ejaculate daily is complete nonsense. She sounds like an excuse that a man uses the only one relationship has been received because he wants sex.

If you are too much, say that. Make it unambigibly clear if you do not want sex. Your friend will have to accept that. To reject sex, is not reprehensible to force sex, is a criminal offense.


Come on what you meanBecause of me, that can rub as often as he wants, but that sex would belong to my duties, he can tell someone else.


only as long as it makes Everything else is too much or profitable.