Is the dative and accusative increasingly shamping?

2021-09-02 20:03:48 BELINDA

You can always hear it on the radio or TV:

We know from the candidate ...

We see the candidate ...

the required -en Will just be omitted, of course not only in this word. Is that meanwhile allowed grammatical or only these reduced language ability, which one should not expect from moderators?


That has nothing to do with dative / accusative but with declining classes.

There are two declining classes in German for non-feminine words in the singular: the strong declination forms its gene. On -S, the other case are minting (apart from the dating Dativ-E):

The man
The man
the man
the man

and then we still have the weak class that forms all the kasus except the nom on -n. These include all the substantiated adjectiva (e.g., young , but also those in which the adjective origin no longer sees slightly, e.g. human ).

The Count
of Count
the Count
the Count

This is the smaller class, and it shrinks over time, ESo, more and more words from the weak to the strong class are over (e.g., the cock, cocks , today of the cock ). On the other hand, however, it also grows because adjective neoplasms are first weakly declined.

Candidate is a derivative of a Latin adjective Candidatus 'applying to a public office' (actually it means 'white clothed' because the candidates in a bright toga Electoral presented). Therefore, it becomes weakly declined. But because weakly declined nouns have always had a tendency to strengthen and because many do not know about the adjectival origin of the word, some spokesters are strong (which I hold wrong).

theDuden does not allow the strong declination in this word, but that will change, if only enough people use the wrong shapes.


Yes, it will. Since there are more and less educated viewers who could noticed that, you can now swind so wrong how to do.

Is that meanwhile allowed grammatical

What does "allowed"? Nobody is forced to talk correct German and to keep the rules. Listen to our top politicians and representatives of our country! The speeches on a primary school level and I mean not my primary school level over 40 years ago.


Jo. That's how it is. Unfortunately.

Nah, "allowed" is not the "dudenum":


but like Isses. You can also see here at GF every day.

Greeting, Earnest


For me it has always been done when someone says, "That makes sense!"

That with the missing endings I noticed only in the written word.

I will listen better in the future.


I find the term "reduced language ability" well. Unfortunately, it is true, because the surging of the ending "en" is still rule-irrigated.

Is the dative and accusative increasingly shamping?