Best friend has replaced me?

2021-09-02 23:02:54 MIKE


Well I and my best friend were 4 years best friends. Suddenly she turned away from me and gone to another and has painted me completely out of her life. I cry every day, she was the only one who accepted me as well as I am. Since I never talk to other people anyway, you can come to me (social phobia), I will never find such a good girlfriend as you will find. I am already 3 years without her, but every day I cry because of her. I know each person comes and goes, but I will never find such a good girlfriend as you will find. Now I am alone. Others laugh at me when I stand alone. For 3 years.

I wish something never happened. My mother always says it is lyingT at me. But I did not change myself. I swear.

What should I do?


Hello CouchPotato352,

As you have explained that it is not up to you but you have to accept your "girlfriend" Yes, and if you believe you do not You can already find other girlfriend is completely wrong. He who is looking for.

There are so many people and 10 would probably be a happy girlfriend. You do not always have to hang on a hangover. Change people Now and with that you have to live. Otherwise, it still has forever remain alone.

I can understand you very well, even if I've never happened to me, but still a great way to talk to your, so to speak girlfriend.

Maybe ask you why she has replaced you. If you tell you something like, you're meToo boring "or something she might have been just a fakefriend and has only exploited you all the time or taken as a substitute until she finds a new one.

Greetings and good luck