Should be reported in the media about suicides?

2021-09-03 05:02:16 KAY

I have just read an interesting discussion elsewhere elsewhere and would like to put this question in the room.

Currently, except for isolated cases, suicides are reported to prevent counterparts. This is actually an observation confirmed by studies that more reporting increases the suicide rate. On the other hand, this is certainly contributing to taboo psychic diseases.

Interesting phenomena are the Werther - and - Conversely - the papageno effect , which I refer to here.

It is questionable which long-term effect would have normal (regulated!) Reporting on the suicides took place or what causes of the inheritance suicides underly. IIn the phase of the suicide decision, the consciousness that this decision is made regularly? That someone has already committed suicide from the same road, the same place, etc. as well?

Then that would, of course, raise the question of whether a clear topicization of suicides could not be prevented in the long term. I mean no sensational reporting, but as described in the linked section on the papoship effect no report on the concrete circumstances and the motive itself, but in particular about the fact that it is a suicide and about individual problems and solutions.

After all, suicide is the second most common in the age group of 15 to 35-year-olds after accident imagese's cause of death

Source - that has been very surprised (in my subjective perception), but that is certainly also with the missing reporting.

Of course, it is of course that reporting from now on the suicidal rate would increase. Ultimately, however, the view of a long-term effect is more important - I admit, this sober viewpoint sounds something Makaber here.

I have no clear opinion for this, but I am interested in opinions.


It should be reported more about it. Choose 58%

It should stay as it is. Choose 37%

other.Choose 5%


Order of the media is information. The media do not have to decide on the information sent.

For this there is warned texts "The following pictures could be a distinction on XYZ"

Should be reported in the media about suicides?