Are teachers sad when they are bullied?

2021-09-03 07:03:33 WILBERT


Are teachers sad if they are bullied or generally offended by students? Are the sad or interested in it ??


Teachers are sad. CHOOSE 69%

Other statement / opinion ... Choose 21%

Teachers are not sad. CHOOSE 10%


Even a teacher is of course a person with feelings. Some may have less of it, but what he has too little, that has another stop too much.

Know some teachers (rather teachers), which quite take their worries with home and think bullying as very sad or feel rejected and personally take - and a teacher who had been early stamped for mobbings at 57 is. Another has changed into a school board, because it no longer held it and a teacher in my elementary school gave a class during the school year (!) A class because she had been "to evil" and has done him personally - and the played In the school year 1999/2000, therefore, is not an incident.

My Mam is also a teacher (basic and secondary school) and meant: if you like it almost 30 years old, things are not so dramatic and when they started in the 90s were most kiddies still quite good and the parents clear - but they do not wish to start a young woman today as a young teacher and have already experienced badly with trainees who looked after them ... and it is no longer a honeylink, bullying Good bourgeois corners virtually everyday imagery.

Only an anecdote from my school time: We had a totally nice organic teacher in the fifth grade. As in sexual education, the boys fumbled the boys in the first row grinning and tried to unmanageable, RAnte the poor man screaming out of the room. It was talked afterwards, he sat on the primary school toilet and cried. Sound somehow credible.


It may be that today's young teachers have a worse nervous costume and less self-confidence and character strength than over 30 years ago when I started. Then it could be that they are "sad".

In the very rare cases where students tried to insult me, they have regraved the bitter and the rest of the class had fun.

I can not imagine a scenario in which students successfully mobben me.


are only normal people.

But in other places may have a thicker oneS coble by your profession.


Teachers do not have to leverage or leave bullying and not quite from smells!

Who I would be lover, I would like someone as long as I would Send to house or throw out of the lessons until the parents arrive!

Teachers could do Dan also the whole class Büsen Who who still cheer!


Teachers are None People.

Teachers are emphatic beasts.

Your heart is neither filled with love nor humanity.

They are only hate oriented to teach you discipline with the goal.

What point of attack is not a teacher. It is a soft form of teacher that is not really so name.

Teachers have toAlphaands be, the head of the class, which is feared by anyone.

Such teachers are a shame for the whole German education system and should be extinguished immediately.

Except they are art or ethics teacher.

That may be something like that

Are teachers sad when they are bullied?