Is that the unique proof of Jesus Christ God?

2021-09-03 08:02:27 GRACE

When I accept Jesus Christ as my gentlemen and as my Savior. I combat a peaceful aura around me. As if I have made the right decision. For example, I feel clearly love and warmth and all the best in me.The happens only At Jesus.And earlier when I was Muslim, I felt something bad. As I would rain on me. And in addition to the devil. Can it be that only Jesus and understands?


No that is the clear proof of which you have dipped so deep into an absurd "religious" fantasy world that you have lost contact with reality and holding the fantasy figures like any "JesusMessias" for Real. If other phantasifies such as "gods", Donald Duck and Spiderman emerge the fantasy world.


Jesus was an alien, which was sent by our creatures to us the secrets of existence To reveal to reveal to reward then nails thanks to his skin and bones, hung him on a cross and leased over a long time under extreme torments


No, a clear proof is not it, but what does it proveBecause you?!


You want to see Jesus as God. So you feel comfortable with the thought. That's what you refer to here as a "peaceful aura". That's logical and does not prove anything.


Since Jesus is not the Almighty God, that's no proof. Why do not you read the gospels, even the apostolic letters? The acts of apostles can also be called the gospel. You will be amazed as your Bible knowledge increases.

Is that the unique proof of Jesus Christ God?