Is it just like this?

2021-09-03 12:03:37 BOYD

Or converting lately to Islam?

I do not know why


Maybe because it's just on everyone's lips and thus "chic"?

But there are certainly some who really find something in this religion, which does not deliver the others. Maybe only because you do not know your own "birth religion" and the other, new interesting sounds.


If you win your impression from the contributions to GF, then you take some dozen Persons true that the conversion considerations express, but this is not a benchmark for the thinking of just under 8 billion people.

In addition, there are many participants on internet platforms, which are not about communication and information exchange, but only to bring in your opinion or faith in troll format.


It is more limited in boundaries, on the Internet will be happy to advertise for something like that and the whole artificially inflated, lies to "unbelievers" is okay in some currents. The great increase in religion comes primarily from the birth rate, most of them are forced by the parents in the faith. Some "need to" convert too to marry.


In fact, it is so that Islam is religion with the currently largest expansion. The missionaries are all right: Collection of headscarf debates to the politician, stalls in the streets, to which the Koran is touted, exploit the media, which is likely to be a victim and simple, simple communication towards young people who are the yellow VOm ei promises.

Is it about the advertising campaigns, all other forms of religion should be a pony farm.


no more than usual. You only pay attention to it anymore.

Is it just like this?