Do believers believe all that stands in the Bible and to a real god in heaven?

2021-09-03 13:02:53 BILL

It is Christianity

I myself am believed but I know that the world was not created by God and everything is like it in the Bible and saves your "that's also Only theories "because they are definitely more plausible and more believable than the biblical genesis. You do not have to go into it.

I see it much more than a way of life instead of a story that one believes so it has taught my religious teacher. For example, the mountain presteignight that probably never took place exactly but that you can still learn how to behave and that it is unlikely that Jesus really was the Son of God and has a miracle but that you get what he loud the BibleMade to learn how to do it really lives so that you see the faith as a life path and not as a strict story with banned etc. So if you understand what I mean?

I ask myself now what do you see other believers? Are you like me or are you going to church and believes everything that is being read there? Or know people who go to the church that there are only symbolic stories to learn from which one should learn and which should not describe the world.


I am a believer but do not believe any religion 100%. Much more I believe in my way, which is shaped by what is in the Bible, but does not follow everything as if it were carved in stone. Because at the end of the day it is my life, my story and I always orient myself to be a good person. What the definition is to be a good person, everyone must find themselves for themselves. But if I throw myself to bed in the evening and have nothing to fool me, my conscience is quiet and happy, then I'm forcibly no religion that you believe, or the Bible. At the end of the day, I handle that if God looks to me one day or in between, he is satisfied and happy,That it gives me and despite my human mistake, nothing to introduce to me.


You seem to take over the theories of historical-critical Bible Exeges, which the Bible has degenerated to a fairy tale book. That's why I went out of the church!

I am convinced of the grammatical-historical Bible Exeges, which examines the historical and cultural context of the respective Bible sites, examined who addresses which verses (addressees) and tries to Text as literally as possible and as symbolic to take as necessary. In this way, M. E. To quite good results ...


Dear R., Christianity is a collective courses of various core.

TheThoughts you have are not new. I was in the early 90 gern for the first time in our education academy of the diocese. There beered probably a rethinking for S people.

There are two creation stories. The first in the Bible is the 2nd at the beginning was the story with the creation of humanity from Earth. Understandable for the former humanity.

The story with the seven days later and the understanding was better. The then scholars had to understand what they proclaimed. The genesis history was divided into 7 paragraphs, in 7 days. Everything serves better understanding. To have a person who did that, this person was called God, probably after personal experiences or dreams. Dreams are in the BIbel, in life anyway important.

Everything that comes after that is, even if historically proven, a way of belief. As the creation began with faith, everything goes so on. The Bible is a collection of various books and the psalms.

Judaism and Christianity build on it. The Jews are still waiting for the Redeemer, the Christians see him in Jesus as come.

Whoever believes from us churchgists exactly what he lives, at least I do not know. But most important is the communion with God and the other by our church visit and also in each self. Community strengthens faith. And we live hope.

My confidential salutation came from the proximity that the post hopefully brought.

Make good.


Or Know people who go into the church that there are only symbolic stories to learn from and who should not describe the world.

Yes, many know that.

Are you like me or are you going to the church and believes everything that will be read there?

I think that it is above all more than these two counterpots.

I see it much more than a way of life instead of a story that one believes so it has also taught my religious teacher.

It would be awful if it would just be some story. On the contrary, some people have thought of in the texts. And that can be teaching and helpful.

e.g. the mountain prestiment that probably never exactlyThus took place but that you can still learn how to behave

Well, I suspect your teacher will have taught it a bit different: is correct that it is the one probably not so gave, but she is a composition of most likely genuine, authentic Jesus words. Even if your teacher was a Bultmann student, he would have to acknowledge that too.

That Jesus really was the Son of God and has done wonders

That with the wonders is a very strange number. To be a Messiah or become no wonders needed. Of all the exhibition candidates we know, Jesus has been the only one who has been associated with wonders. So you just have not invented that ... and thatis mercy worthy.

I ask myself now? What are there other believers?

Not as extreme as you, but tend in the same direction.


I believe that the entire Bible is inspired by God. Not all in the Bible is literally to understand. And not everything Christians in the name of God's sprinkling can be justified with the Bible.

that the approximately 40 Bibleters never contradict each other, although they knew each other in the rarest cases, proof is of the authorship of God.
It is interesting that none of the Bibleters says everything about a particular topic. Therefore, to understand what the author of the Bible says a matter, all scriptures that have to discuss the discussionto do standing topic to be collected.

In case of doubt you can consult the author of the Bible. He promised to give faithful people to such spiritual guidance if they ask him (Luke 9: 11-13).

that today, under so-called Christians there are a variety of contradictory interpretations of the Bible, is neither a Error of your author still your writer.

It is the mistake of the Biblellers who fail to follow the leadership of the Spirit of God and allow God to interpret his own word. They make their understanding of what the author of the Bible says to disguise through their own ideas.

Sincere, God-fear people are not interested in twisting the Bible. If you find letter texts,The views previously represented so far contradict these views immediately, as they can not be correct. They follow the unambiguous design by the author of the Bible.

The Bible can not be designed as you want!

Do believers believe all that stands in the Bible and to a real god in heaven?