Curriculum Vitae - Overqualified for the desired place, can I completely omit li

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Corona has dramatically tightened the labor market. Unfortunately, there are not many places I can promote myself right now (including health / family reasons).

Brief Additional Information:
I would be next month in Alg 2 (Hartz IV) slides because my ALG 1 claims then ends. In the time of ALG 1, I visited almost 9 months training courses (and a Sixsigma, European economic license, leadership skills, etc.). In between, for a few years in some companies as a process engineer employed, which were fixed-term jobs or had to be released by sales decline.

Due to the different situations I could 3 months z. B. as a stackerfAhrer work somewhere and then back 6 months ALG 1 again.

If I would now apply with my studies (economic and mechanical engineer) / professional experience as a process engineer as a forklift driver, this would not go through a company / recruitment agent let because I would be over-qualified.

I just want to avoid avoiding in ALG 2 slide and therefore think about going to go because I just want to feed my family by working. While this "temporary job", of course, I would actively apply to my destinations.

Now to my question (s):

  1. Can I use my CV so Create that I put & qualifies away?
  2. Can I at then gaps lying (e.g., granny for a few years)?
  3. What does it look like? What could happen at worst?

Thanks in advance


To 1: Why do you want to do that?

To 2: Lies should always be as little as possible. In particular, not if you want to influence the initiation of employment relationships by lying.

Inventually nothing!

To 3: A legal advice may not take place here. For this you have to question a lawyer.


If you "lies" in the CV, this can fall for years later on the feet

Examples there are enough. Several careers have been abruptly ended.

Who lies in a job interview, can also later lose their well-paid job for "confidence break". Confidence is just no longer a second time.


Even bad to talk about himself is a problem as to be better.

In the worst case, a termination without notice and possible damages occur.

However, I personally consider the risk for low, since you own qualifications and not so do as if you own them. The work will not make a company to check if an engineer is sitting in front of one


In the application lying is not a good idea. At some point it comes out.

You can simply omit various qualifications, as long as the CV is still conclusive and logical. Otherwise, I would simply describe the situation as it is: before you get as a unemployed engineer Hartz 4, you take loveR the site as a forklift driver.


You can not actually

Curriculum Vitae - Overqualified for the desired place, can I completely omit life sections and, if necessary, in conversation