Strange meeting with boys?

2021-09-03 19:04:07 PHYLLIS

Hey together,

I had a peculiar meeting with a boy last Saturday. We know each other for a long time and understand us well, ultimately we have arranged to eat. When eating he constantly told me how well he finds that I would stand so much and he would stand on thicker women, which I have not considered a compliment. In addition, we have ordered a pound fritten (Hans in happiness), but he had not eaten nothing. He said that I should eat the food and would be a pity when the fries come to the garbage and, since he has paid, I have eaten them, which made him totally happy for any reason. Since then, he wants to meet with me every day and ask me if I would eat enough. I think the totally Sessay as soon as I'm with him, we eat.
How do you find that?


You have caught a feeder.

You have only a few options:

  • Resist the requests to love your health. Then he will leave you.
  • Let yourself be on it, then you are his mastle, so soon sick or dead.
  • Shoot him immediately in the wind. Dear short healing, than in a few years a heart op.


That's really funny ... maybe tell him that you do not like that and do something else As an food ... If he does not respond then then you should not pay attention to it first.


The maeset.

Priority has your health and well-being. Shooted the rag in the wind.

Strange meeting with boys?