Which should be a conservative right of the strong welfare state?

2021-09-03 19:04:49 LESLIE

Which party should be a conservative person who has nothing for the gender and the whole LGBTQ intemination and is for limiting the immigration, but at the same time less corruption, less influence of the lobbyists and a strong welfare state, including a safe pension, choose?


None of the big parties, so much is safe.

I have been looking for such a party for a long time, lack of a fund, I decided this year Protestation choose.


Actually a paradox, what you formulate - fear of a hurting thing lying on his back - but what should he stop?

If The fear big enough is afd (because it stops in doubt with the welfare state (other things probably likewise), or just SPD, then you can take that with the immigration then but not exactly ... Oh, it's a cross ,


Instead of rushing out the "AFD assist attacks .......

You should be the party's progenRAMS OF AFD TIME BEAUTES !! Reading and understand before all things !!, for which this party really really stands.

Oh yes, the AFD with your 2-3 k program (children's kitchen (church)) becomes demographic change can not reverse.

Further --- Which workers with precarious rewards can form the residues for unemployment

Money for families only when they consist of dad, mom and child ......

etc., etc.


This is funny National Socialism.


Do not choose, so do all a favor.

Which should be a conservative right of the strong welfare state?