If I emigrate, may I participate in the elections in the new country?

2021-09-03 22:04:33 MARLENE

Or remain German citizen and must continue to participate in Germany in Germany?


depends on it. Within the EU, if necessary, you may participate in local elections as EU citizens. For everything else, the citizenship of the respective state is required, which can usually be acquired after a few years.


As long as you are not losing your German state legend, you are in principle still eligible as far as I know.

If you now emigrate and gain the eligibility there (which prerequisites These have different from country to country. But probably that you need a citizenship) then you can also participate in the elections there. If there are ever elections in this country.


Whether youIn the country in which you have a full or only municipal electoral right, there is one of your immigration status, whether you have only a temporary permanent residence permit or residence permit.

For EU emigrants

as a EU citizen, who lives in another EU country, in this country, they have the active and passive voting right in local elections.


You do not have to go to German elections Bundestag, however, can be done by postal vote, provided that the prerequisites are available.


Only when you are recognized citizens of the respective country.

in South Africa KanIn spite of a permanent permanent stay, still do not participate in a choice.


Last. For dialing you need the citizenship
of the respective country.

If I emigrate, may I participate in the elections in the new country?