2021-09-03 23:02:45 JEANNETTE

Do you like more silver jewelry or golden jewelry? We are not talking about a cheap fashion jewelry here.
Thank you in advance

Silver Jewelry Bin W Choose 41%

Silver Jewelry Bin M Choose 27%

Golden Jewelry Bin W Choose 27%

Golden Jewelry Bin M Choose 5%


I have long considered what I should talk to now.

Silver I like a lot (especially pure silver). But it looks too noble to me and therefore I do not wear silver. But I wear a daily steel friendship ring and although that does not come up to silver around silver, it is more like the silver / gray variety and not to the gold colored.

However, I wear special occasions (at least Once a year for a week) also a golden ring that I like very well and I do not want to miss.

Conclusion : So I wear more silver / gray jewelry, but ultimately .


I like both noble metals. As a winter guy is a silver better, but ICombine as I like it.

Also find that the style does not demolish.


Except for very few exceptions, I only have jewelry made of silver or white gold.


... but that has been admittedly developed in recent years. Earlier, only silver or white gold jewelery came into question ... Yellow gold I found old baked.

At some point, rose gold was in, and that I liked ... so my preference has shifted, because ultimately the design is more important to me as the color in itself.

At the moment I like to mix, so I wear z. Eg each in the upper two earlaughters silver ball plugs, but in the lowest hole but yellow-golden small creoles

as I said, eachCh Design I prefer yellow gold, sometimes silver

ultimately a question of the dose BTW


Jewelery is jewelry and when he is silvery, it is silvery.

Clock, Bracelet, ... All Silver.