Will the airline traffic in Kabul run again after the takeover by Taliban?

2021-09-04 05:00:31 JASMINE


I think so. Airlines like the private came Air have to look anyway that they can continue to operate. They will urge them, because in particular by tourism, the Taliban can generate revenue by taxes. And Afghanistan will also remain a country tourist, which requires a reasonable international civil airport, even if the tourists are probably not so much so much out of the West.


that a airline rail traffic Accounted to Kabul is associated with right-handed contracts: Landing rights are negotiated, money must be paid, the airspace about Afghanistan and ultimately also above the airport must be secured, landing must be regulatedAnd technically safely unwound etc. etc. pp.

This will take a while until it can only be considered. Before, the Taliban must always get the thing under control. You can now slap all air traffic controllers and airport workers. But afterwards, they have to find trained people who regulate and rebuild these things. And you have to pay you above all. Without payment, they do not stroke. And without revenue as well as the Taliban did not know anykt to pay for such people.

First of all, the Chinese will probably take over the airport, I guess, and rebuild all these things. But they are not life tired. I would expect at least two years untilThere again a line machine lands in regulated traffic. Maybe China Air lands a bit earlier. Then you reach Kabul via Beijing with China Air.

The question is well! It used me to think. And I think so far I do not lie wrong.


Waiting, because in Doha negotiates z.Zt. The FRG with the Taliban and thus this topic is certainly addressed?

https://www.dw.com/en/verhandungen-mit-den-taliban-schahrt-aber-wie/a -59049758

Results has not yet been known, but the negotiations run.


Of course not ..... Do you just think so you can do so Uniquely then land?

Will the airline traffic in Kabul run again after the takeover by Taliban?