Hey! Do these scars heal?

2021-09-04 06:09:31 NANCY

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Hey! My psychologist said today: "Congratulations!", The scars will you have it with 85. If this is true that these scars faded slightly? So I mean I've been doing for months and you just do not go away. (Please do not go Comments about self-violence or suicide)


But but it works. With house and natural remedies and a little patience, you will gradually get away the scars. Do not let everyone be discouraged here - they only do not know!

In scars, there are several ways to influence the subcutaneous structures.

It is about the connective tissue under the scar to heal to bring.

Several resources are mentioned in natural medicine, which can be applied depending on the type of color. Here an overview .

Also with the diet you can do something: regular natural vitamin C and L-lysine, the essential amino acid, are both responsible for the collage structure, so a healthy connective tissue . ♧ From both substances it must be available enough at any time, what NCan be taken over over the food, since our body can not make it myself.

Castor oil at the skin care: So I have just made very positive experiences for a few months. ♤ This oil increases the body's hyaluron production visible.

Continue I've learned about a Thai country from your remedy: Lanolin mixed with some (little) fresh lemon juice, apply to the place. That works well, but together with sunlight is vitamin D. This method I imagine pretty smart during your case, as the scars are in the visible area. The acid also helps to allow the scars to be faded in color.

For all measures, please remain enough water to triNken to facilitate the body this process.

I would be glad if that continues to do that.


Yes, the scars are flattened, with time too Do not be so prominent anymore. But they will accompany you for your life


Since your psychologists are right, these scars will only fade, but stop not completely disappear.

You have very deep Therefore, it still takes you until you fade


Clip and clear - these scars will keep you your lives long, you will be able to fade at maximum.

UU Can later work on a plastic surgeon against the corresponding "small change".


Of course scars do not go away.

By the way, not cool to trigger other affected persons with a picture!

Hey! Do these scars heal?