Why was the 68 movement Mao near?

2021-09-04 07:02:42 KRISTOPHER

Why was the 68 movement in Germany (the Germany still shaping today) close to the Chinese dictator Mao? It has known China led to the Stone Age.


That can only be considered, it was a rebellion against the existing establishment. More similarities can not be found, because in China, the mail went different from Mao than with the 68 students in the FRG.

https://www.bpb.de/geschichte/deutsche History / 68-Movement / #: ~: Text = It% 20PROTESTED% 20To 20To 20starre% 20Tructures, 68% 22% 20IN% 20The% 20stall B% of C3% BCcher% 20th.



The main talent 68 Movement was to see communist movements abroad through the pink brillet, regardless of the hundreds of thousands of dead, for example, a Mao Tse Tung to answer forE, and the government of its own country a fascist character to dense

Hannah is right! But it is also true that Mao China has challenged from the yoke of the colonization. China was playing the big powers. But also allies of the US against Japan. Now China is an economical, military, technical, industrial powerful power and is no longer pushed. In their own country! See YT Link (with Bruce Lee). Belinda Mao Mao Mao Ze Dung - Mao Mao Ze Dung, skimped the actual student shaft at Demos and also ordinary workers were not tapped But to believe the social achievements in China. But this has done that, but at least with us proletarians. Joyce The goods-from today's perspective - seducers, dream dancers or phantases and in the worse case of miserable ideologues.

Why was the 68 movement Mao near?