I think everything I do is wrong?

2021-09-04 08:00:32 RICKEY

There was a woman down, I picked it up and give it up and give it to her ... she says thank you and is happy ... my head says, but you would not have told the woman that it has fallen down "

or in the store ... I put my goods on the counter and the woman is making something else important. How should one react that it is not rude? "Hello could you get over briefly?" I think it's rude and you should wait ..

Why am I? I always want to be respectful ... How would you appeal to them?


Do not do anything wrong .. I trade almost 50 years and I'm always well driving. And that is also gender-independent. However, I am also able to make me clear and enforce me if it is important to me.


I was so, back leaders to my depression, to the lack of self-esteem and Moving to another country in the middle of puberty, whereby I felt more comforted among people sometime anymore and the feeling I got that I do everything wrong next to them,

Then I started working in retail as a consultant, and the constant contact with people and a big team, has somehow gone out there.

To give you the question more accuratelyYou know more of you.


Do you suffer from depression?

Do you feel unwell even if you do not do anything under people?

Do you always value the looks of other people on you?


I stroll and say hello as if we were friends

You are just a well-being. I tick the same way. Always polite and helpful! If I'm not it, it's the reasons.

Someone help or do not fall into the word are unfortunately no self-evident.

As long as you do not come too short or something else numbers I have to find it great.


Find your attitude and your behavior is mega sympathetic (am a woman) :)

One should NICHT too intrusive o. Be dependent but as you seem to be held, everything is fine.


Who picking up and give: I'm just faster.

People at the cash register are often very stressed, because not only the but often shelf filling.

I always wait - it does not take so long until they arrive.

Do you do well, lg.

Nothing is wrong.

I think everything I do is wrong?