What do you think of strain strips?

2021-09-04 08:01:54 MARY


A predisposition and connective tissue weakness, have already received that as a young person and over the years they are so faded that you can live well with them.

You can support Massage the Luffa glove and massage free oil, or massage argan oil.


Hello - Anonymous,

What should I think about it? One can hardly prevent stretch marks and I also have themselves. I can not understand people who did not understand something about it. Stretch strips fade with time, too.

Conclusion: Nothing special, for me something normal, as well as pimples or similar. In puberty: -)

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Actually, WEIf you think about it, strain strips are good.

No matter what point of view.


You do not need.

But if you now are ... sponge over.


I got you through the two pregnancies of my children and am proud of it. I born the children normally without caesarean section.

What do you think of strain strips?