Nudist wedding - is that?

2021-09-04 09:06:43 ELSA

So that all guests are completely naked, but especially the bridal couple?


Hello Regina,

In some report, I read that it's not just in theory - but also actually. Although I believe in remember - that was in the US.

It would not be - but at least the girls do not have a problem in particular "What are I pulling on". (Is probably a girl problem because as a man ... in case of doubt black pants / jacket ")

may I ask: as you come to the question - find the pryover" exciting ".

It greets



Find the idea good - and have already considered himself to marry so! - However, I would then run danger To be infringed by my family!


Of course there is that.

Why not?


Yes there are


Yes, which is there alerdings neither I nor anyone who has the I know that participated

Nudist wedding - is that?