Belly piercing as a boy?

2021-09-04 13:01:38 JENNA

Hello I'm alex 15 years old male and would like to let me jump a navel piercing. Am also a bit more fillier and ask you now what you think of it.

Already some piercings right ear 4 earholes, conch, helix and tragus and on the left ear 2 ear holes and a helix, as well as a nasal piercing (nostril) on the right side

lg alex :)


If you like it Make it :) Personally, it really does not care about what sex and body. Piercings are for everyone she liked and if you like something like it's easy. Although I think there are many of the opinion that navel piercings are only for women, but let's not persuade from whom, the main thing is that you feel comfortable and you are happy :)

Have fun with Your piercing :)


I do not think that piercings have a gender. If you like it, then just let it sting (like your other piercings). Do not let anything negative about you - it's all your own life and your decision and only you have to be happy :)


Everyone who and you can do what you want / you like. Personally, I find that kind of funny. For me, a navel piercing does not really fit a guy, but rather a woman


Hello, you can also wear as a boy, why not? That has no gender and everyone can wear what he wants. It does not stand anywhere for which sex which is piercing. So just make and be proud. Have fun with it!


I find it as a woman also in men beautiful Wiso not

Belly piercing as a boy?