Survey - How does it feel for you to be a nice person?

2021-09-04 20:03:51 WADE

Good day com.

It is said that it lives better, but is that?


I can not assess whether I am beautiful Choose 48%

other opinion Choose 22%

It can be very exhausting his choose 17%

Does not affect me, I feel ugly choose 9%

It makes everything simple choose 4%


It can make everything easier as well as exhausting.

Stretching because of this because one does not dare to an attractive person until they proves the opposite (e.g., professionally).

Easier because you just have to smile for many people just to get what you want. This definitely facilitates much in everyday life.

Many people also wonder if as a beautiful person is still extremely friendly and polite. Seems to be a rare combination.


An appealing appearance makes much easier in life from the partner search to applications. The outer appearance may be a door opener.

But that does not mean that one is therefore equally popular, because SchöIt is not alone and not even crucial for what makes a person attracting and sympathetic. She only looks at first glance, the next one goes deeper. In addition, beauty is transient, character not.

In some externally not particularly appealing people, one recognizes only when closer to get to know that they radiate an inner beauty. This can be as attractive, because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

There are people who connect both - they are not only beautiful, but also emphatic, friendly, modest and smart. These people are popular everywhere and they can easily find friends, partners and an attractive profession.

Statistics have shown that men are not necessarily the beautifulSearch women as a wife, but rather the "average type". Women pay more attention to the inner values ​​because they want a reliable, down-to-earth partner.

Note from many years of experience:

After the woman has moved to him in over 30 years of marriage, it complains: "You are no longer like earlier!"; -)


No idea.

Although I am uglens but beautiful is something else.

But my body is functional, hair to lower hat and bone Except for the earth. Grade legs, clear eyes, all well proportioned with enough muscles. A building like an Icelandic horse or knight Sport: square - practical - good.
After popular view not nice, but I could not save men wish.


If you are constantly creeped or occurs as on the silver tray. But yes it also has advantages I think you will be treated differently and perceived


"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Since MMN is something to it.

Why should it be easier if you ultimately be reduced to the exterior?

Inner values ​​and skill are more important. If you can connect everything, of course, top.

Survey - How does it feel for you to be a nice person?