Wrong self-image?

2021-09-05 01:00:45 MARC

Each time I look at the mirror at home in the evening I find pretty pretty. But as soon as I look outside where in the mirror, Dan I see a completely different person felt. For example, if someone else makes pictures of me, I find myself a very ugly and ask me why I look like that even though I look different in my mirror and mobile phone. It's a completely different person in front of me and I think that's not me every time. Or I can not realize that I really look like that, but I still find I look different and not like pics.


Outside I have such a long face and gray eyes. And at home rather blue eyes and a nice round face


In the mirror you look at more accurately and attend more on details. So I would do the thing with the eyes and the face. (Fun FACT: Blue eyes are actually gray. There are no pigments that you can make blue, but the microstructure of the eye)

You can also explain this phenomenon that you see yourself in the mirror mirror. This face is then familiar and you prefer. In photos it is then right back.


This is because the reflection may be different in mirrors. At the KameRa comes to the lens. You can make your face wider, narrower, etc. Especially with the mobile phone it is so that the picture is always mirrored.


Most of the time it is photographed, it is a "snapshot" That's exactly where you are not a hundred percent ready for it and therefore gets overflowing unfavorably. Add to that the other will see you differently and judge as you yourself.

So, make sure how to change your pictures rated and try to see yourself (from strange eyes), then you can do it with time to become self-lens.

Good luck


I know too well. So it's not me with met with my eye color or something.

But I just do not laugh so as pretty as I feel like. And in many pictures my face is so funny. At least sometimes.

So do not worry. Is, I believe, with many so !!


At home, you have more self-confidence and feel safe while you are insecure outside. (Is with me too)

Wrong self-image?