Why is divorce in Islam simple?

2021-09-05 07:01:28 PETE

I mean for the men does not even need a justification, he can simply dismiss them. While in Christianity divorce is practically forbidden, even for men.

Why is that? And why should a man have 4 women? And why should the woman do not refuse sex? And why should you marry as early as possible? And why is prevention allowed?

It seems to me, everything in Islam is designed to fulfill the carnal spirit of the man. Also in paradise.

While in Christianity Zölibat plays a big role.


That's not true. The man or the woman must be able to specify legitimate reasons.

A man may have up to 4 women because God has determined it. But he does not have to, and it is also linked to certain conditions. If he can not comply, then he is asked to marry only too marital.

The woman must not deny the man without wholly, because man and woman have the right to traffic in marriage. If he does not occur, this is a divorce reason just outside Islam. With certain reasons, however, it may. A man has stronger needs, which relates to traffic. A woman should therefore not completely refuse traffic. This becomes the Fitna for the man. It can lead to adulteryCalls or divorce.

As early as possible, you should marry as young people have very great desire for traffic and often. Thus, the ZINA = injury should be prevented and the spouses then have legal traffic.

Prevention is only temporarily allowed and only for important reasons, but not permanent. And certainly not to enjoy years to build a family. Exempt traffic is not allowed with or without contraception in Islam.

It is also about the fulfillment of the desire of the woman. You have to say that clearly. And yes, in paradise people can also have traffic if they want, but they do not have to.


In Germany, the woman also needs no justification.

in ChristianityDivorce does not prohibit, how do you come? Even our pastor is divorced and married again.

In Germany, the man should not be married to several men. They may refuse sex as it is about their body.

The celibacy game also no role.


That does not agree with respect to divorce in Islam. You need a good reason to insert divorce if you do this, because you do not feel like Banale excuses then you will be drawn for this in God to be particularly bad, if you already have children.

Why is divorce in Islam simple?