Sex with a close relatives?

2021-09-05 10:01:22 KENT

I had sex with a nearby family member today or last night.

I do not feel bad, I talked to him and then and we both agreed with it.

Also When I am 18 and he around the 40, we decided to do it. We will do it the next days.

My problem is now as I tell my family? I would already want my family to know about it, so you do not always have to hide.

We have no relationship, only sex.

I'm male 18.


As long as it is not a direct line, ie siblings or parents and grandparents, is your thing. Against aunt, cousin etc, the law has nothing.

However, the rest of the family may not be enthusiastic, but you do not have to tell it.


do not tell. We do not live in the ancient Rome. People are stupid, scared and emotionally crippled. Since you will not find an open ear. Apart from the fact that I can not judge your situation because I'm not gay and does not know if the whole thing is healthy.


I think that is not that disgusting only sex but OK is only my opinion but Dan still incest mano man (this is just my opinion)

Okay, they do not tell them otherwiseAre you just as dead Hehe

(I would like to mention that it should not be insulting but it's just my opinion and it should not violate people)

Sex with a close relatives?