Why do you often hear in society / policy that violence is not a solution but wi

2021-09-05 12:05:48 KRISTEN

Violence is a solution choose 55%

No Violence is no solution Choose 45%


At it, on it, for what when and what you define as violence.

Scare a person in order to protect others in front of him, sometimes even to protect man in front of himself appears quite necessary, but is violence!

a person who is determined to kill them with violence, Can be the only way, because if an attack takes place you have no time and the other no open ear for arguments.

... But the violence should never find facts and replace conclusions together when you have the opportunity. People whose opinion is so absorbent that they have to force my mind with violence for example ... that is absurd.


Goddamn. Each achievementChaft was therefore caused because someone held violence for a probate resource to enforce his own points of view, ideals and ideas by all means. Also, the invention with which people writing on this platform was only possible through that the wiser did not always catch up. Violence should always be well considered and finely dosed, but pacifists just shy away from the conflict. And I do not talk to the external with others, but the inner with himself.


Violence is always a solution, and mostly the worst. But not always. Sometimes she is a necessary evil.


Violence is a solution when other possibilities run into the emptiness. In a civilized prosperity societyt With functioning state apparatus, it does not need individual violence. Bring this system together, it would not be different. One has to afford a world without violence. Just as many other achievements of modern democracies. Basically, criminals are superior because they hurt in a confrontation until kill, while we as a society are the criminals only. We can afford that because we are clearly superior to power. Police, SEK, Military and Co.

In the war, for example, you can only make prisoners if you can escape people to guard. If you can not do that, you will not be prisoners. And let? So that they shoot in their back? Certainly not.


Everything has thrown into a pot. You have to slip out.

In short,

We have the state violence, separation of powers etc ...

No solution is physical crude violence - but may / must be used in defense, itself can my or the state laws or the population in an enemy attack war.

Without control, power / violence is abused.

A population presents democratically rules for coexistence. Also, as the state should work which control mechanisms should exist.
Self-justice is the other side and no solution, deprives to the previous one.

Why do you often hear in society / policy that violence is not a solution but without violence would not arise laws and we would still be wild people?