Are the tests for students chargeable from October?

2021-09-05 16:03:25 GRETCHEN

My sister and I did not vaccinate. I get that still paid by the school, but my sister does not apparently. We had 2 deaths in the family due to the Corona vaccine. A case was confirmed by the doctor. Both died very young and without pre-existing conditions. I think that's impossible. It is an indirect vaccine. Do you know if the university pays or not?


There is no direct vaccination and I dare to doubt that the non-debaged deaths were due to the vaccination. The most common problems are acute allergic reactions or heart problems but not to be attributed to the vaccine but the irresponsible action of the vaccines. Anyone who goes straight to vaccination on the football field risks a heart damage ... but that's the case with many vaccines.

If you can not vaccinate for health reasons, this will be confirmed by the doctor. Thanks will be as far as I know the tests also taken.

Otherwise ... The alternative to vaccination is just testing. ERGO no vaccination because an alternative exists. What exactly is you choosing is liable solely you


You can, for example, if you have a company, have "train" as a coronate ester for the Johannians for 10 euros. And then you can test and exhibit certificates. The tests can then be acquired everywhere for little money.

Do you know someone who is self-employed? With that you could do such a deal.


is more the question of whether lectures take place again in presence. In such crowds, which sit in a room in some degree programs, I can not imagine that for the winter semester (and in the same breath I also find it difficult to control there)


If you If medical reasons can not be vaccinated, the tests continue to costgo.

A case was confirmed by the doctor.

Empf complications are reportPlfichitg. In that regard, they should turn directly to the Paul Erlich Institut.

Are the tests for students chargeable from October?